10 weeks to 10k

This is the place for Solopreneurs and Coaches to activate their body, brand + business.


What would it feel like to:

Have a business that just feels EASY

Make money NOW, vs. ‘one day’

Have a schedule you love and crush life AND business every single day

Feel nourished and balanced in every area of your life

Reach more people and grow your tribe

Have energy left at the end of the day

Be proof that making money just gets to be EASY

Sleep through the night worry-free

Create time, location and financial freedom

Learn how to kick fear in the a** and never look back!

Become the person you were meant to be to create this life

Welcome to 10 Weeks to 10K!


My mission is to empower coaches & solopreneurs to up level their game and grow their impact. 

The ongoing seesaw of putting your business first—health last or vice versa ... or changing who you are to check another expert or guru's boxes  = is over.

As an early entrepreneur, business coaches rarely talked about money mindset or the day-to-day habits or energy work required for success. I struggled to make my business work until I realized that these very things were in fact the foundation.

To have an abundant business requires an abundant mind + body.


In several months I was able to:

Create my signature talk and book 5 stages

Sell high-end coaching programs

Double my energy, lose unwanted belly fat + heal low back pain

Shift out of daily stress into peace + joy

Publish articles and e-books online

Expand my network by 4x

Grow my audience to 10K+

Create streams of clients asking how they can work with me


In 10 Weeks to 10K you'll learn all my success strategies + more.


plus, learn how to:

-Activate your growth mindset (so you can actually receive $$$)

-Uncover your real WHY

-Supercharge your superpower(s)

-Attract all that you secretly want and desire

-Ritualize abundance

-Implement the self-care habits of successful people

-Eat + move for optimal energy

-10x your productivity

-Do marketing that works (aligned to your unique strengths + talents)

-Create offers that people want + need

-Up level your creativity and IT factor

-LOVE the life + business you've created!!!


This isn't about one way to do this, it's about taking one small, committed step, day after day, that is aligned with intuition + soul.

Who this program is NOT for:

If you are unwilling to try different things to get different results

If you don't identify as a heart-centered individual rooted in service

If your focus is money over impact 

If you are unavailable for massive, sometimes uncomfortable, GROWTH

If you prefer to stay playing a small game

If you're paralyzed with fear to share your gifts with the world

If you refuse to be called to something higher

Complainers, whiners and b.s-ers


in this journey you'll experience breakthroughs in every aspect of your life. you'll believe it's yours, until it is yours. you'll repeat the cycle over and over again to create ongoing, epic results.


The Structure:

You receive 1:1 coaching with me, 45-minute sessions for 10 consecutive weeks via phone or zoom

24/7 e-mail support in between sessions

Access to all my templates, worksheets and resources

All my love, stretch, support and holding you to your bigger vision!


Let's do this together!


Don't let 6 months pass you by to find yourself in the same (or worse) situation. Don't wait for a 'right' time ... you'll never find it! The time to act is NOW. 


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