The 6 Figure Wellpreneur is for the female entrepreneur who dreams of ultimate FREEDOM.

Does this sound like you?

-You’re a thought-leader with a creative, wellness or service-based business and want the clarity and confidence to be able to monetize your business quickly (in 8 weeks or less).

-You want abundance and ease in all categories of life (health/body, relationships, finances)—PLUS a thriving business rooted in purpose and passion. 

-You have spent much of your life feeling like a unicorn, and you’re ready to fully activate your unique, authentic gifts to scale your audience and income.

 -You are a heart-centered, curious, resourceful, creative—an introvert most often mistaken as an extrovert—a free-thinker—and you’re ready to SAY YES…

 …to your dream, your purpose, and your divine destiny. 

BUT you’re struggling with…

-Getting clarity around your messaging, offers and pricing because you’re always second guessing or doubting yourself.

-Staying focused long enough to create something that actually works, instead you go from one strategy, one program, one idea…to the next…and REPEAT!

-Confidently communicating your value in a way that attracts and resonates with your audience.

-Not being fully you in your business because other mentors and experts and YouTube have ‘told’ you to be someone else.

-Building relationships in an authentic way that turns into paying customers.

-Knowing what to do to have the biggest impact in your business yet you can’t seem to get yourself to do it (or ‘forget’ how)!

-Attracting soulmate clients who are eager to work with you—so you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to get something to stick, for…anyone!

-Feeling like, despite all that you’ve tried, NOTHING is working, and are sick and tired of this to be the case.

What you need…

-A full-out NON-SPAM marketing intervention so you can leverage sales and marketing in a way that excites you, makes life easier and brings streams of ideal clients.

-A simplified plan that allows you to work in your zone of genius and reduce the chaos and overwhelm.

-The proven daily rock-star routines and rituals that set you up for success.

-The tools and coaching to curb the limiting beliefs, self-doubt and overwhelm monsters once and for all.

-A custom, tangible plan to follow each day so you know exactly what to do that will get you real results (income & impact).

-Clarity around your Big 4: Your Why, What, When & Why I Can’t Not so you can finally start creating and selling programs, products and service that your clients will absolutely go crazy for!

-A simplified strategy to grow your audience, tribe and following.

-A soul-awakening, high-vibe transformation to become INSTANTLY magnetic to opportunities, clients and all the things.

-A tough-loving school on millionaire mindset and next level Queendom that prepares you NOW for the you you need to become (to create the empire you want to create).

What is the program?

 The 6-Figure Wellpreneur is an 8-week group program cohort to TRANSFORM your business from the inside OUT. 

This includes:

-8 weeks of ultimate, fast-action recalibration to accelerate your transformation. That’s right, with the right mindset, energy and strategy, you can transform in just 8 weeks! No need to prolong the journey—which is why our motto at 6FW is ‘smarter not harder!’

-8 milestone modules delivered via weekly mix of video and audio trainings and slide presentations for each week of themed course work. 

-Weekly group Q&A calls with Stephanie in the Private Facebook Group

-Weekly office hours with direct Facebook Messenger access to Stephanie to submit work for feedback or get the hands-on support you need!

-Private Facebook Group community for ongoing support, accountability and inspiration!

-Within the first week, you will feel immense clarity and excitement as you learn all that is truly possible for your life and business.

-By weeks 4-5 you will be completely energized and dialed in to the high-vibe way of showing up in life and as result, experiencing an influx of new opportunities, that are a matter-of-fact HELL YES. Your family and friends will start asking, ‘What have you been up to!?’

-By the end of the program (which is really just your new, 10x beginning), you will be living, being, experiencing, creating and selling like a 6-Figure Wellpreneur. You will feel the incredibly powerful confidence and self-assurance that comes with this ultimate soul-aligned way of showing up in the world and the income and impact that follow.

What you will experience…

A preview of the trainings:

Week 1: Building A Strong Foundation (including Developing a Millionaire Mindset, the Rock Star Success Formula and Made-To-Win Success Strategies)

Week 2: The ABC’s – Alignment, Beliefs & Courage (including Uncovering your Big Money Goal + the Big Money Goal Recipe to Crush Your Sales Each Month, The 150 Real Reasons Why You and Your Prices Are Perfect For Your Dream Clients and The DIY, Super-Ninja Hack For Building Courage and Being Unf*ckwithable In Life/Biz)

Week 3: Money Manifestation & Power Moves (including The Step-By-Step Money Manifestation Pyramid To Turn Your Business Into a Money-Generating Machine and Your Powerful Pricing Strategy)

Week 4: Implementation + Wellness Week: The High-Vibe Entrepreneur (including The 168-Hour Plan and Wellpreneur Workweek Schedule, and Boundary Building Made Simple)

Week 5: The Art of Influence & Tribe Building (From 1 to 10,000—Growing Your Audience)

Week 6: Video School: Creating Videos That Connect & Convert (including Your Ultimate Content Library and Brilliant Video Template)

Week 7: Award Winning Content, Communication & Campaigns (including The Rinse and Repeat System for a Strategic Communication Plan and the 4 Must-Have Marketing Campaigns)

Week 8: Supercharging Your Success (The 14-Steps and More to Skyrocket Your Growth)

Is what you’re doing today HARD? Messy? Does it feel STRESSFUL? IMPOSSIBLE?

It shouldn’t be and doesn’t have to be.

If you’re sick and tired of…

Feeling embarrassed and ashamed when people ask ‘how’s business going?’…unsure of where your next client is going to come from…or how you’ll pay for holidays or birthdays…

This program is for you.

Ready to reach your goals, make more sales and impact the people you serve?

Your Investment to Secure Your Space In The 6-Figure Wellpreneur Program Today:

VIP Option

Includes 20-minute 1:1 laser-coaching calls each week of the program.

Payment plan available upon request.


Q: If I have questions about the program, what should I do?

A: Easy! PM Stephanie with your questions here.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: For life!

Q: Are results guaranteed?

A: Specific results are not guaranteed BUT if you show up coachable, resourceful and committed to your own success, follow the trainings and get help when you need it…massive breakthrough, growth, and quantum shifts in your life and business are inevitable.