My Coach Costs More Than My Rent (And Has This Super Power)

It wasn’t until my early 30’s that I realized how taboo the topic of money was in our culture and society. In corporate, it was looked down upon, in fact, a ‘terminable offense’ to compare salaries with colleagues. In family and friend groups, it was a topic that was neatly tucked away in the hideaway valleys of earnings anonymous. There was plenty a evidence of struggle and debt and ‘lack’ but no real candid conversations around the universal thing that provides freedom across every aspect of life.

I prefer to talk freely about money because there is a need for more conversation and empowerment around money, especially for women - and for too many years I was told to stay quiet.

So why the general avoidance/weirdness/secrecy around money?

Money is a neutral resource. Yet so many are triggered by it and struggle to get it, keep it, multiply it. Unworthiness, fear, a host of limiting beliefs hold us prisoner as far back from childhood impacting our money consciousness later in life.

Until recently, I assigned highest value to the most money I had ever made in my career. Naturally, this became my benchmark, my compass, in navigating the green paper as an entrepreneur despite the fact that my money goals were 10x’d. One could see the potential conflict this might cause.

So what did I do? I found a coach who would help me up level - in mindset, beliefs and impact.

Instead of playing small and telling myself, ‘If I make 75K in my business I will be happy’ (because that is total b.s), I hired a coach who makes that every month.

Instead of playing it safe, I put my money where my mouth was and made an investment that I’ve never made before, to create what I hadn’t created before.

Instead of trying to control and plan my way through it, I surrendered, breathed and backed myself on the decision to follow my gut instinct.

I didn’t choose these things on any regular day.

I chose them after I could see what I had been fighting through old stories and ways of being and thinking.

I could see all of it when my coach powerfully exposed my blindspots.

I believe whole-heartedly that coaching can save the world.

Coaches help us see the possibilities that no one could or dared to help us see. They help us access the blindspots to fully unleash one’s personal power. They help us create and embrace pure abundance in life - from service to money to impact to love to health to relationships to power.

A coach empowers you to become the woman you’re meant to be to create the life you want to have.

Does this come with a price? Maybe it’s priceless. That depends on your money story.

Are you willing to believe that…

Making money is easy.

Abundance is available for you now.

Money is everywhere and you’re a super attractor for it.

You’re always taken care of.

Money is no big deal - it’s just a resource.

What you focus on expands.

To change your life you have to change your thinking. The easiest way to support this is through:

1) Investing in a coach

2) Getting curious about your blindspots

3) Changing your money mindset

And last but not least…believe it’s yours until IT IS.