Why You Need To Check Your Status Less (And Your Pulse More)

Last weekend, for 2 full days, I was hunkered down with wellness experts, enthusiasts and amateurs galore at the annual W.E.L.L Summit in NYC.

In between our organic cold brews, collagen tea and grass-fed pasteurized bone broth shots there was so.much.space for inspiration, conviction, connection (+ laughs and tears).

Latham Thomas, Alicia Key’s doula, (NBD), and Modern Mama of Spirituality if I may, in usual Latham form, provoked concepts that aren’t on any ordinary Saturday, otherwise provoked. From status-checking reminders to how the Universe rewards courage, no sacred stone was left unturned. Except the one of, how do I be more like her when I grow up?!

Then there was the real and sometimes controversial Dr. Steven Gundry. If you don’t have a copy of his new-age food pyramid, head over to the google stat. You may hate me now but you’ll thank me later. Important: red wine and chocolate are included.


Dr. Gundry’s story, however, is just short of remarkable. For decades, he was a reputable heart surgeon, drinking 8 diet coke’s per day and operating with migraines. One day, a patient, who came to him with an inoperable coronary disease, shocked the scalpel out of him when he was able to completely reverse his condition in 6 months with a plant-based diet and health supplements. Dr. Gundry had the frightening realization that he needed to 1) alter his own health habits and 2) leave his lucrative practice as a heart surgeon to instead help people avoid the very thing that had earned him a living for decades: heart surgery. His work around heart surgery prevention began. Today, Dr. Gundry and his famous clinic in Palm Springs helps patients get heart-healthy through diet and lifestyle - zero surgery required. Talk about a CHANGE-MAKER.

That’s why you’re here, too. You’re curious about healthier living and thinking and being. You’re eager to do better to feel better and know the direct impact that can have in your life and career and business and relationships.

When was the last time you checked Instagram or Facebook?

When was the last time you checked - really checked - your breath?

Here is the bad news.

With the combined impact of social media on our mental and emotional health combined with the modern-day American diet and lifestyle … Baby Boomers are more sick (and dying younger), than their parents. This will be the first generation to potentially not out-live their parents.

What’s more, Millennials may face they same demise, an earlier death than their Baby Boomer parents.

If that isn’t a shocking, in-your-face reality, I don’t know what is.

Here is the good news.

While 30% of Americans are diabetic and 1 in 4 adult Americans is considered obese according to the CDC, you can choose to be a part of the statistic or to not. Health is a choice.

If you’ve been struggling to get or stay healthy, whether in your mind or body, it may be time to try something different to get a different result.

That could mean ending an unsupportive relationship, hiring a coach or exploring therapy alternatives.

From personal experience, the day I started working on my inner game, my outer game changed overtime. It wasn’t what I was eating, it was who I was being when I ate. It wasn’t what I was doing in my business, it was who I was energetically when I showed up in person or online.

What could happen for you if you focused less on the what and more of the who?

Here is to checking our status less and our pulses more.