Say Yes To Your Soul (And Life Will Say Yes To You)

Today I was midway through writing this blog post…and hit DELETE.

From the moment I started, it felt forced. There was no ease or flow. It felt challenging, like pulling teeth challenging. But I carried on, trying to ‘call in’ the magic, and it just didn’t come.

The farther I got, the more out of integrity I felt. Because forcing creation is the sure fire way to impede it. Plus, if I’m being totally honest, the content wasn’t all that great. So I gave an honest look and decided…to let it go.

I then got up, walked around a bit, listened to a mentor’s audio, made some breakfast, rolled around with the pup and did a 30 minute HIIT workout.

I then realized how far I had come.


Just a couple years ago, my doozy mornings looked a bit like this.

Wake up. Snooze. Wake up. Snooze. Space rocket out of bed, cellular companion in hand, choosing one of the following icons en route to the toilet: Instagram, Facebook, but much of the time—inbox. Reactively, inbox. Within a glance of the new fury of bolded un-reads, the defense and attack juices already a flowing and I’m 1.5 minutes into the day. What might the remaining 23.99 hours hold?

Life then was a stressful day at work, loneliness and binge eating at night, 24/7 exhaustion, life outlook despair.

Life now is a day by my own design, full of flow, expansion and surrender.

A life created out of faith over fear.

A life of letting go.

Letting go of rules and structures and should’s and need to’s and clinging to the result or outcome.

Letting go of anything that does not inspire or support flow or expansion—every damn day.

What exists is a beautiful, flowy, daily harmony of creation, inspiration and being.

This requires ample time alone to care for me and fill up my cup in order to be who I want to be for others—and letting go of guilt around this.

This requires doing my purpose / soul work everyday and putting aside my own fears around speaking my truth and being seen.

This requires allowing my soul to inform, ping and guide and letting go of the need for the logical mind to determine next steps.

Because when you say yes to your soul, life will say yes to you.

Woo woo? To some. True? Without question.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of collective fears and excuses that others are carrying and allow them to create an illusion in our own life.

Plus, there’s no shortage of stress, fear, and anxiety today, being carried on the backs of those around you if not your own.

But are your fears or blocks yours? Do they belong to you—or someone else?

Consider something you face currently where you’re caught up in a bad energy or completely stuck.

Ask yourself…what would faith do? What would fear do?

Do you choose to live a life out of faith or fear?

I made a vow, a commitment, to create a life in faith after living a life in fear for too long.

Fear-based living kept me in the smallest possible box, when my heart and soul were shouting for more. It took a couple years to get my attention fully.

Faith-based living is letting go. Surrendering and trusting. Finding flow. Putting one foot in front of the other and knowing it has to work…because you’re showing up fully for yourself, your soul.

But how does one let go and find flow?

By listening and staying true to your inner guide.

Deleting the blog post because you just know and doing things to energize and call in inspiration and come back to it when the time feels right—and backing—not judging—your decision.

This is now, after many a stumble, my entire process for creation. My entire process for being.

Letting go and finding flow.

Stop doing the things that you hate doing. Stop doing the things you ‘should’ be doing. Stop being anyone but you.

Start doing the things that light you up. Start doing the things that are knocking at your soul.

When you say yes to your soul, life will say yes to you.


Ready to say yes?

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