How To Change Your Mindset For Success

I write this high from the friendly skies on the way home from a weekend getaway. My partner, a fellow adventure-seeker, proposed an escape across the border. French cafes, cheese fries of every imaginable variety (a la poutine) and Canadian hospitality? Too much to resist. 

Before we left, I had the usual travel trepidations … mind chatter chatting up worries about money, being ‘responsible’, am I taking too much time off, do I 'deserve' to go, etc., Then, in typical universe-always-gives-you-what-you-need fashion, I got exactly what I needed. 

Prior to us leaving, I said YES to a powerful 7-day mastermind. There were about 10 women in the group, ranging from corporate professionals to business owners and entrepreneurs of different flavors. Important side note: the facilitator of the group has built a half-million dollar business in 2 years and is tracking toward her first MILLION by year end. Needless to say, it was 7-days of no B.S and pure intensity. Part of living in growth mindset is being deliberate about who you spend your time around and with. These were my kind of GIRLS and I was honored to be in such company. 

Not soon after we embarked on day 1, our fearless leader took us on a journey deep into the turmoils of MONEY MINDSET. 

When asked about our thoughts and beliefs toward money, (because fact has is that 80% of success is determined not by action or strategy but MINDSET), responses ranged from ‘I can’t make money like other people can’ to ‘I’ve never been valuable enough to make good money’ to ‘I like being frugal’ and ‘If I make more money my freedom will be gone or people will expect me to help them.

There it was, the negative beliefs of the group were exposed, all on the table. I wouldn’t be prepared for the transformation to follow. 

More on that in a minute. 

Because I have to ask ... When was the last time you used one of the following sentences?

'I need ______'

'If _______ happens, then _______'

'We’ll do this when ______'

'I can’t until _____'

'I don’t have _____'

'I’m not ____ YET'

For me, it was last week, right before we took the trip. Thankfully, because of my blossoming, work-in-progress money mindset, I was able to catch it and turn it around. I felt energized by my new thoughts of 'I GET to take this trip right now with the man I love because I CAN' and 'taking this trip gives me so much JOY and is NO BIG DEAL.' The turn around felt new, positive and ABUNDANT. Contrary to how our brains are naturally hard-wired: for NEGATIVITY. Survival 101. 

Yes, you can sigh a breath of relief knowing it’s a wiring issue! Thank you, dear madame hunter-gatherer ancestors and survivors of sabre-toothed tigers, food rations and village massacres. 

My (obvious) hope is you’re not battling any life-or-death scenario at the moment.

If so, join me on a quick discovery. Take a moment to scan your thoughts from the past 30 minutes or even MINUTE. Can you recall where a thought, idea, belief or story came up and was it negative or abundant? Hold on tight to the thought. 

Back in the mastermind, massive shifts were happening. There was discomfort, tears, screams, and fits fit for toddlers. There was also surrendering. There was breakthrough. The old narrative was replaced with: ‘Abundance is available for me NOW’, ‘Making money is EASY’, ‘Money is everywhere and I’m a super attractor for it’, ‘I’m ALWAYS taken care of’, ‘Money is no big deal - it’s just a resource!’ 

Let's play with that #inspo for a moment. That thought you're holding ... what might a new narrative be around that? Is there a lesson to be learned? What is a more ABUNDANT thought you can create and surrender to?


TIP TOP SECRET REVEALED: Mastering your inner game will uplevel your external world - not the other way around.

This is the single most common mistake - or dream - I see people chase. If only they would lean into and knock on the door at the other end of the hallway. 

(By the way) - this kind of insight arrives to people differently. This blog may not do it for you and that is totally ok. You may have the most random run-in in your life that pulls back the curtain. But in case your interest is peaked in this exact moment, and you're looking to try something new to get a different kind of result, continue on. 

Here’s how you can access, knock and open the door to massive opportunity in your life:

  1. Prepare for and activate the growth mindset journey i.e.; bringing your awareness to old patterns that no longer serve you
  2. Be clear on what you desire/long for - write it all down
  3. Start to choose ABUNDANT over NEGATIVE thoughts
  4. Set a life, relationship or career goal for the month (from the list) that feels good yet expansive (growing isn't supposed to feel comfortable)
  5. Commit to hitting the goal by showing up like you’ve never shown up before
  6. Take consistent, inspired action & believe it’s yours until IT IS YOURS

No matter where you find yourself today - know you are just one step closer to more abundance in your life. Yes, that one, tiny step could bring forth a MASSIVE shift.

What you focus on expands. What will you choose?