A 9/11 Tribute: Living With The Promise Of Tomorrow

Today is September 11.

Unlike this day, 17 years ago, which marveled a picture-perfect blue sky, today is dark. Cold. Blanketed with fog. Perhaps a reminder of what was, what’s become.

That crisp, clear morning, school let out abruptly and I hurried home. I woke my Mother who had just come off night shift. For the next 12 hours, my family would watch the reality and horror unfold on TV.

As an impressionable High School girl, the experience of 9/11 would inform my days and years to follow. I would leave my small town and attend one of the nation’s most diverse universities. I would embrace and welcome and love all people as my parents and grandparents had beautifully modeled all my life. I would soon call New York City home, and love it with all my heart for 12 years strong.

My love affair with a city of vibrant community and colors and character carries on. For 2,983*, this adventure ended unjustly on that picture-perfect day.

How have I lived?

For the men, women and children who could live no more.

How have I loved?

For the men, women and children who could love no more.


In 17 years, life looks strikingly different. APPs help us communicate, create, cook, clean, connect; and yet we find ourselves amidst a turning point in modern civilization: more division, injustice, greater fear, growing isolation and depression.

This is what's become, but not what has to be.

What if we could live and love more freely - as if life depended on it?

What are the brules, (bullsh*t rules) you’ve created or adopted from society and placed on your life?

‘I can’t be healthy AND happy,’ ‘I don’t have what it takes to take/leave/negotiate the job,’ ‘I’m not worthy of an incredible life,’ ‘If I do what I love, people will judge me,’ ‘I’m not capable of a loving, longterm relationship.’

How are these very brules enabling division or fear, isolation or depression in your life?

What can you let go of and commit to today, knowing you have the promise of tomorrow?

I let go of waiting. Waiting to wash the dishes, visiting the doctor, calling my best friend, launching a new program that makes my heart sing.

I let go of wasting. Wasting a day, a moment, a kiss and a hug.

I let go of wishing. Wishing for more, faster, bigger, better.

I choose to live and love with all that I am, for the rest of my days that are guaranteed and for those that one day are not.

*CNN reported statistic