The 1 Group of People You Need In Your Life Now (And Why)

One day, many moons ago on a playground in Somewhere, U.S.A; a young girl stood and stared, solo, as duos and friend groups skipped, shimmied and sidewalk-chalked their way through recess bliss.

She was alone. Unwelcome. Without tribe. 

A single moment in time that would shape, inform, her years to come.


Whether you experienced this kind of trauma, or something lesser or greater in your past, trauma is trauma. Our bodies, on a chemical level, process it the same. 

Traumas occur and warp our realities of the world, often as children, and interrupt our ability to live and love as the powerful adult forces we were designed to be at birth. 

Because, in case you didn't know, you a badass

And trauma, for some, are gifts that can provide massive breakthrough and transformation for those who accept them as such. 

Let me be clear.

This is not about what to do or not do with trauma - (I just got off on a slight tangent)...

Because this topic hits a nerve. 

It hits a nerve because of all the women I watch suffer alone, in silence. 

When I know they're powerful beings. With massive gifts that only they have, that they're keeping from the world. When what they really want is to live or love differently, and have a better experience of LIFE. 

But somewhere inside, they feel unworthy. Or perhaps safest (yet unhappy or grossly unfulfilled), where they are. 

What I have for you today is a CALL. 

A call to something higher. 

It starts with who you're allowing to take up space in your life - and the 1 type of group of people you need to be hanging with NOW.

I reveal it in this short video here

After you watch the video, if you have a 'playground girl' whom you're ready to let go of, and have a tribe that loves, supports and plays life WITH YOU ... 

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And don't forget, you are far greater than anything evil, big or small, that has ever happened to you. 

What would happen in your life if you were to lean into that idea?