Stop Asking For Permission (Here's Why)

... In your life or business - STOP IT. Period. 

When was the last time you had an idea that needed validation from someone else? When did you go against the guidance of your intuition and ask for an outsider's opinion? When did asking for permission become your thing?

Stop seeking external guidance on internal affairs. Stop giving someone else the authority over you. Stop showing yourself on a subconscious level that you aren't the woman in charge. Stop trying to put out your own flame. 

When we're born, the world is a big, tasty oyster. But for many, it doesn't take long for parents or caretakers, teachers and our peers to impose their negative beliefs and patterns that soon become our own. The world suddenly becomes small, sour and tainted. Instead of traveling closer toward the person we were created to be utilizing the unique gifts we were equipped with, we form an outer shell of many layers that serves to protect. 

Self-assurance dissolves along with confidence and courage. A mediocre, needing-validation way of being and experiencing the world sets in.  

What is the running thing or story you have going on in your head? Much of the time it's a limiting thing or an 'I can't because something bad will happen' thing. 

For many months I made myself believe I was stuck in a career I hated, with no way out. Walking away and pursuing my dream of one day impacting thousands, millions, and creating time, location and financial freedom was not realistic or possible. 

If I had a penny for every time I heard someone say, 'I'm just being realistic.' Back when I was 'just being realistic', I was afraid of taking such a big step, risking so much. I was not willing to shake up my comfy life (despite feeling miserable). I was not willing to get truly scrappy with life. I was not willing to go against those who hadn't given me their permission. 

Stop asking for permission. Stop seeking insights, advice or validation from another person who hasn't walked a mile in your shoes - or in the miles you'd like to travel

Would you seek relationship advice from a friend who has never been in a longterm and healthy one? Would you seek business advice from someone who hasn't flourished out of failure and success? Would you seek weight loss advice from someone who hasn't had to lose single pound in their entire life? 

Stop asking for permission. 

- Make a decision (99.9% of time the answer and guidance is already inside of us - we've just tuned out our bodies lately).

- Back yourself with action.

- Breathe.