What The Top % Of Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't

Early days in my coaching practice, life unfolded to a similar song and dance—the exact dance I had bowed out of months prior—as an over-worked and unhappy corporate person.

The very thing I had run away from—bursting daily agendas with little to no actual time for creation or flow, I had created in my own business.

The conditioning and programming was engrained so deeply; the days are long, the work never ends, and stress, intensity and exhaustion are badges of honor one seeks…

Until you realize those things are the antithesis, or metaphorical border wall, of human happiness.

This isn’t an isolated case of burned-out corporate-itis either.

It is a worldwide epidemic, a toxic global culture and ideology passed down by generations.

The ‘American Dream’, in particular, reads: opportunity yielded by hard work in a society with a few barriers.

In a #MeToo, #TimeIsUp, #BlackLivesMatter era—the reality is, barriers and opportunity aren’t always created equal.

The notion of working hard and ‘following the rules’ to get your piece of the pie?

Evidence circulates in my community. Grandparents and families and others who worked their entire lives at modest pay to enjoy what little bit of quality of life remains (which was less than 10 years for my grandmother who succumbed to Alzheimer’s).

10 years of post-’hard-work’, quality life, meaning—after the decades spent working, approximately 3,650 days bookended a retirement celebration, 50-year wedding anniversary, vacations and Christmases and diagnosis.

For generations, families survived the struggle and chased ‘the dream’ through the premise of hard work and an honest dollar.

The conditioning of such ideals remains engrained in the workforce today.

Today, there is as much a decline in longevity and human connection and MBA’s as there is a rising of human consciousness.

Not once, in human history, has there been societal conditioning around feeling good, let alone striving to it.

Until now.

Not only is it the best time to be in service as a Mission-Driven Entrepreneur…but as a human being claiming more pleasure, joy and fulfillment in life.

As society at large preempts us to think otherwise, you get to feel good. Not on certain days or weeks or years, but everyday for the remaining days of your life if you so choose it.

The top % of entrepreneurs know that feeling good is a birthright. A requirement. The foundation of the entire house.

As a leader, creator, teacher, influencer, change-maker—your platform has the ability to transform lives, motivate others to achieve, inspire groups and communities to profound, even history-making action.

Transformation, motivation and inspiration is only possible with a transformed, motivated and inspired messenger.

Your mission is as good as your motion.

Feeling good keeps us in motion.

Some days you’ll forget this.

Then, you’ll get back in motion. Everyday.

This might be by way of a morning routine, movement or exercise, stillness, reading or journaling, meditation or prayer, time in nature, play with children, eating healthy, high-vibe meals, calling a high-vibe friend, cleaning spaces, massage … the list goes on.

Feeling good is the 2019 American Dream.

Rooted in science, we know that positive emotions boost energy which supports and unlocks greater creativity, drive and mission.

You get to feel good (daily).

It’s your right to feel good (daily).

It’s your responsibility, oh fearless leader, to feel good (daily).

What would you need to stop or let go of, to create the space to feel good?