F*ck Normal: Being Different In A World Of Sameness

If you’re reading this, you must feel different.

You must live, choose, act and do different.

You’ve felt this difference for a long time but managed to tame it down in order to fit and blend in with the others.

You went along with the ‘typical’ and ‘usual’ and ‘probables’ … all the while fighting the deep longing to simply do what you wanted. Create what you wanted. Express exactly what your soul ached to be expressed.

Travel the world. Help millions. Create like the artist you are. Serve like the servant you are. Love like the lover you are.

And these very things required your natural, God-given state of EXCELLENCE. Focusing, creating, living, performing with EXCELLENCE. The highest standard of being, which has always been you.

Because you’re different.

You’re not even normal.

And if you hear ‘NORMAL’ one more time…you’ll burst.

Your standard of doing, being, creating, living with EXCELLENCE just won’t have it. You are unavailable for it, and you know what happens when NORMAL creeps in.

Your light dims. You tone it down. You play it safe. You stop doing your hair and makeup. You mute the edgy fashion that has always been you. You hold back from sharing your truest core message to avoid triggering anyone. You turn your designer handbag around in meetings with other women to hide the label.

“I cannot let them see my bigness” ...is the story on repeat.

And one day, you choose a new story.

You are AWAKENED. You give yourself permission to step fully, unapologetically in to exactly who you were meant to be. Not according to you, a much higher power than you. Your destiny was long determined before you got here.

But you always knew. You just went along with NORMAL.

Until you finally understand why you’re not here for NORMAL.

And you’re prepared to do the work now.

You’re prepared to trust the process and surrender now.

You’re ready to say yes now.

You’ve said yes now.

You’re in it now.

It’s unfolding now.

It’s happening now.

It’s becoming now.

You’re growing, thriving, being, learning, evolving, stretching now.

You’re 100% where you’re meant to be now.

You’re in extraordinary, mind-blowing, super-humanry level of company.

Welcome home.