Imposter Syndrome: An Entrepreneur's Epidemic

The moment has arrived. You’re about ready to press the ‘Go Live’ button and be on display to a bunch of people who will see you but you won’t see them. Your palms are sweaty, your heart is racing and your mind is running rampant. So you sit there, staring at your keyboard. ‘Does my hair look crazy?’ ‘Am I going to stutter and sound totally stupid?’ ‘What if no one shows up?’ ‘Will my childhood neighbors who I haven’t seen in 20 years see me and think I’m crazy?’ ‘Will Aunt Marge laugh at me?’ ‘Will I be figured out or exposed as a newbie?’ ‘The girl with 40K followers who goes live every night, I could never do as good as her…’ Suddenly, 20 minutes have passed. You sit and procrastinate some more until the pressure becomes so intense you manage to distract yourself with another task.

The relentless and daunting journey of breaking out onto the online space and staking your claim through posts, blogs, and the infamous video live stream...

The truth is, that this mass resistance of a wall you’ve built around your own visibility and storytelling can be a big problem for your business.

This may evoke an eye roll, and I get it (yours truly gave out plenty when I thought I could matrix my way through building a business quietly behind my laptop). Yet through personal experience, the longer you avoid being seen, building a tribe and serving people powerfully, the longer your ‘trying to make it work’ suffering.

The bottom line is…If you’re not putting yourself out there consistently and daily, you will never create an audience.

A coach, consultant and most types of entrepreneurs lacking an audience or some level of influence is struggling to attract and create new clients.

Struggling to create new clients is a struggling business.

A struggling business means not knowing how you’ll pay your bills this month and fear of being seen as a total a flop by your friends and family. Or even worse? Not living fully on purpose. Having to find a ‘real’ job. Yes, THAT.

But we’re not here to entertain that.

If you’re reading this, my hunch is that you and I have a lot in common, including an extraordinary commitment to success. Doing what it takes until it takes. Deciding on your success perhaps before it’s ever fully arrived as warriors do.

This level of thinking and conditioning takes lots of thinking and conditioning (of the right things). Maybe pulling yourself out of victimhood into LEADERSHIP. Maybe choosing IMPACTOR over Imposter Syndrome.

In case you’re not familiar:

im·pos·tor syn·drome // noun: imposter syndrome

the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one's own efforts or skills.

In addition, society has been spending 20,30,40 years trying to shove you down into the weaker version of yourself so that you become compliant.

You aren’t meant to be compliant, you’re meant to shine. 'Their' control has nothing to do with you. You can look back on all you’ve done over the years and fill a page with your accomplishments, lessons, victories if you so choose it, CHOOSE THEM.

Do you choose your victories over your insufficiencies?

Imagine if you wouldn’t have to waste anymore precious time second guessing yourself or your abilities, or feeling compelled to change every part of your business after one bad day or video or conversation, or during a difficult sales call, instead of wanting to hide and retreat, plow right through and show up as the powerful and on purpose leader you are?

What would be possible in your business? How would you show up for your customers and clients?

DECIDE to be one of the one’s who is going for it, full out.

DECIDE that your accomplishments and unique life experience make you ideal and perfect and THE ONE to talk about the things on your heart to talk about.

DECIDE that success is already written and required for you.

DECIDE that everything you’ve gone through up until now was to prepare you for the IMPACT you’re destined to have…NOW.

DECIDE that you can have it all, beyond your wildest imagination.