Silence Is The Demise Of Your Business

Have you ever sat down and felt this urge to create, write or say something ‘controversial’? To push the envelope, to release the tiger from the cage, to reveal more truer parts of your story?

An insight or lesson that a deep-seeded pain or trauma made possible, a stance on a taboo subject, a new direction in business that could threaten it’s livelihood without societal or community ‘approval.’

You hear the calling—it’s been calling for a while. You’ve heard it in the wee hours of the morning when it’s just you and your thoughts…to the restless, ongoing imagination at night.

Yet, you have no grasp on what to say, how to say it, or where to possibly begin. So you try and tame her. Silence her. Force her back in her tiny, locked box, making every attempt to lose the key entirely.

The thing is…she is a part of you, not going anywhere.

As history tells us, saying too much, straying too far from ‘normal’, or being too noisy can be the difference between life or death.

The woman and her voice is a longstanding, historical punchline—and epidemic.

In a recent article by Huffington Post debating women and power, feminism and Hollywood:

The narrative we must revise is as old as the very existence of narrative. And it will require what women have been acculturated to resist most of all: to make a mess. Not just the expression of pristine black gowns or neat hashtags, but embracing of the sort of complicated characters we’ve long said we want to see. Our stories will require nuance and contradictions if we want them to truly rewrite the world ― a panoply of desire and ambition and fury, as varied as we are.

Desire. Ambition. Fury…the very traits that will save the world?

My often little girl-like eyes sparkle with such wonder and hope.

Although, the very women I admire most are a true embodiment of such things.

The truth? This is what I ultimately strive for. For this deep-rooted knowing, calling…wrapped in empowerment, championism and positive change to collide with the greatest bits of desire, ambition and FURY that reside in my bones.

Furthermore, anything not breathing life into this very ambition—is nothing.

Without such conviction or ‘awakening’, one’s story will never be told.

Many female leaders, creatives, change-makers, light-workers, entrepreneurs—still live here, and it’s killing their business and impact.

But more devastating, it’s robbing their soul.

The most dialed in part of them that knows what is best.

The part free from the constraints logic and rationality determine.

The part unscathed by the fear mind, old trauma, family history.

The part that emanates with unwavering certainty and goodness and purpose.

The part that was especially and perfectly crafted for you—to experience freedom, liberation, authenticity beyond your wildest imagination.

The part of you that ultimately determines the impact you’ll have and in turn, the money you will receive as result.

If your impact and income are anything less than ABUNDANT in this very moment, you are out of alignment with your SOUL.

It is 1000% true that we ALWAYS know where to go, what to say and how to say it. It was long written by the soul, wrapped up in your pleasure and pain, and will continue to beckon you.

Who are you to ignore it? Who are you to allow society or your community, friends or family to silence your soul?

What if by saying YES to this divine part of you, you unlock deeper, greater, most abundant layers of reward and hypothetical > non-hypothetical riches? The longtime fear that kept you quiet and silenced, becomes the greatest joy and growth engine?

When you say yes to soul, the universe says yes to you.

What if it were true that you just knew, right now?

That morning when you first opened your eyes and it was on your mind even before the cup of coffee. That night when you tossed and turned…your partner or spouse suspecting you were ‘restless’ for no reason at all. The moments in the day when it’s bubbling inside of you and there is no one to run and tell. The moment such as right now, where you think, ‘I needed to hear this.’

What story are you going to tell?