Bullied to Ballsy: The 1 Thing Change-Makers Have In Common

Last week I found myself in a dream-like situation: notifications muted, decadent cold brew in one hand, tart green juice in the other and compelling conversation front and center. I was at one of my favorite cafes, sharing my affinity with the proud owner, a conscious woman who sources her organic, farm-to-table menu items from 40+ suppliers, not missing a single beat in quality, ethics, or seasonality.

She’s introduced something fresh and new and coveted to the neighborhood—one riddled by the ins and outs of popular chain restaurants, and the slower-than-national-average taking to…wellness. Yet still, her modest, cozy outpost, complete with a total in-house, cutting edge water filtration system (never did ‘house’ water taste so good), a hand-crafted, superfood-inspired menu and happy daily regulars—is proving to be something people didn’t realize they needed or wanted, and are sold.

As people came and went, we chatted about things from vitamins and minerals for optimal skin health to the implications of Glyphosate on organic crops and remarkably, her journey to restauranteur. I was most fascinated to uncover what ignited, or set her on path. Her response was one I hadn’t expected, yet in hindsight, made perfect sense.

Without the slightest pause or hesitation, she replied, “I decided to no longer stay quiet.”

Suddenly, I felt a full-out expansion come over my body. It was as if she was speaking in code, or a language reserved for a select few. I knew what she meant. With every fiber in my being.

On July 27, 2017 I too decided to no longer stay quiet. On this bright, summer day—I left my corporate job of 10 years and claimed my dream. My breakdown led to my breakthrough, my mess became my message. A message to all women to be unapologetic and relentless in creating the best possible life they dream of.

The men and women I call mentors, chose to not stay quiet. In the easiest context, it’s how I found them. They used their voice and I, and tens and hundreds of thousands of others, heard it. Once bullied, to the ballsiest in their field, speaking their truth, using it to serve and transform others and inspire a better world (and experience financial freedom beyond their wildest imagination as result).

The 1 thing change-makers have in common? Taking the stance to not be silenced. Pushing status quo. Disrupting the ordinary so something extraordinary can happen.

The truth is, this process isn’t easy or for the faint of heart (or everyone would be doing it). But is working toward something great ever easy? Do we want it to be easy? Not exactly. Besides, ‘most’ people aren’t reading this blog…you are.

The journey is in the knowing that every tear shed, hypothetical bruise acquired, headache conquered—was conditioning for this very moment. The moment where you decide to make something out of the heartaches, the losses, the NO’s. Where you make it all mean something. After all, who are you to not make it mean something?

Furthermore, the burning desire in your heart, the seed that has been planted inside of you waiting to bloom and flourish—is not by chance.

What would it feel like to get rid of any glimpse of negative emotion and step fully into the positive? The doubt, the fear, the worry…becomes commitment, courage, accessing your SUPER POWER.

It might be turning a silenced voice into an empowered story that moves moms or medicine or millions.

It might be taking a rock bottom of unworthiness and helping other girls access their WORTH IT.

It might be speaking out on the conventional agricultural dangers on human health, elevating the community and saving lives.

What has been placed on your heart and deep in your soul?

The average person doesn't know about this concept. For you, you simply can't unlearn it. You can't go back.

My question is—will you tell the universe you're ready now and OWN IT.

Are you willing to show the world and yourself that you're committed to navigating the obstacles to get there?

This, at it’s very core, is the difference between those who make it happen…and those who never will.

Are you just interested in or committed to the dream?

Are you open for allowing it to be ‘easy’. Taking the daily steps toward progress, because progress = happiness. This, day after day, means you're on route.

What is your bullied to ballsy message?

If you turn it on now, you free yourself, you free others.

From there, if you keep on keeping on—is it possible you could have it all and create the impact of your dreams?

I’m betting on it.