Stop Fighting The Flow—Do This Instead.

I haven’t written an actual blog in 9 weeks. To be clear, 9 weeks feels more like 90 when your soul requires it to actually and—fully, thrive.

What I’ve been doing instead?

Telling myself for 9 weeks that my full attention was ‘required’ on the new mentor who was calling my ever-loving a** to much more and the course I was hunkered down creating (my very first digital product to be exact). Not exactly false…as a matter of fact, very much true…I have the remnants of eye strain, creator’s high and broken nails to prove it…but I couldn’t help but wonder if I was doing somewhat of a ‘due diligence’ in managing my own (high) expectations OR was I really just turning off the abundance of time, energy and creativity that flows to and through me always?

Quite simply put: I could have made time to write and blog, as it’s a simple action of just letting the message flow abundantly through when it wants to come through (daily), but instead…we made up a story around time and energy scarcity. Que Sera, Sera.

Let me be really clear. It wasn’t always this way (things weren’t always flowing).

In fact, for the first 31 years of my life, I was not ‘flowing’ anything, anywhere…or fully expressing or sharing all the parts of myself. I kept part of her hidden. Stowed away from the critics. In a protective hideaway shell that was protective as it was crushing…the more birthdays that went by, the more my soul longed for truth. Clarity. Freedom. Alignment. Flow. Super-flow…culminating with wishful and dreamy soul-filling OVERFLOW.

I didn’t consciously conclude that any of these things actually existed ‘back then’, nor could I put them to words. In hindsight, my higher self always knew.  

Somewhere, far below the conscious, hanging out in the crevice of subconscious territory, she knew this was intended for her, a divine birthright. As it was for every other unexpressed woman and man robotically living someone else’s dream, doing someone else’s job, living someone else’s life as prescribed.

Why are we doing this?

Insistent on covering up the very desires of our inner soul? Blending in, covering up, leaning back, moving farther away from purpose and pleasure? Why else would we be here but to float in our full essence, impact another with our inherent gifts and battle cry, proclaim our story, make it all matter. MATTER. TO MATTER! Isn’t that what God intended? Isn’t that what you secretly want? To know that your voice, experience, journey…matters? So you can use it to help, inspire or cultivate something in others? To free yourself, your family, create a new legacy perhaps?

Most of the women I work with have this in common…  

…and most are held back by the fear of not being ‘worthy’ or ‘valid’ enough to matter. Most search for the switch or breakthrough until it appears, which dissolves this fear entirely.

Allowing them to step fully into and establish the OVERFLOW that was always available to them.

The space where you’re at one with the world and the world is at one with you.

The place where time and resource expands.

Where scarcity ends and abundance begins.

Where alignment of health, purpose, family, relationships, finances is realized.  

Where mind, body, and spirit find homeostasis.

Where joy lives and despair dies.

Where the WHY is so big, the HOW is crystal clear.

OVERFLOW is your pathway to living out your purpose as intended.

This is what you were created for. This is your divinity. This is your required state. Yet for years, you’ve fought, resisted or pulled away from flow, alignment, ease. You’re living a warped reality of what was supposed to be. The blessing that was put on your life long before you stepped into it.

Most people will live 70 or 80 years of a life that was never ever theirs. They’ll never experience even a glimpse of their own purpose, potential, or pleasure as intended for them. Their gifts will die inside of them, simply because they never answered the call that was long on their heart. Or they pushed it far down and lost it entirely.

OVERFLOW is the antidote to a business or life…’that could have been.’

If you want to go to the next level in your business or life, you have to be able to not only believe that you CAN, and that OVERFLOW is yours for the taking, but also that you know how, because it’s already inside of you. Waiting on you to give it a gentle and loving nudge.

The simplest thing you can do if you want the how, the pathway, revealed to you in a particular area, is just make space for that.

Set aside daily time and space, even for 20 or 30 minutes, in which you will sit down and wait for the flow, the alignment, the ease, the direction, the next step…to reveal itself.

Trust that if you keep doing this every day, you’re going to learn. You’re going to grow. You’ll make mistakes, find things that don’t work. And bit by bit you’ll find what does. The how will create itself right there alongside of you. But for this to work you have to trust that it WILL, and that you’ll find it, and you also have to be willing to make that space and time commitment when at first it feels pointless…never-ending…uncomfortable…or just makes all your doubts and uncertainties rise to the surface!

It will always come back to the you being more YOU. Back to truth. Clarity. Freedom. Alignment. Flow. Super-flow. OVERFLOW.

What would it take for this to be your new personal policy?

To allow these things to show up for you now?

To welcome them in with arms wide-open?

To fully surrender to the OVERFLOW waiting to end your ‘9 week’ or ‘90 week’ slump?

The time is now, it’s yours for the taking.