Finding The Gift In The Face Of Challenge

Last week I suppose you could say I was IN IT. 

I was sucked deep into the vortex, a far away land of inner-values-conflict-meets-existential-crisis-meets-out-to-save-humanity…

I was angry. I felt a powerful call. I reached for my wonder woman suit. I took action and backed myself.

I then attempted to find my way ‘out of it’…the anger, the frustration, the tension, the pain, the responsibility…for the days to come. Because my pattern is to cling to rainbows and sprinkles and unicorns, positive-y-ing the sh*t out of all things, until peaceful equilibrium is restored. 

This certain scenario was different. It required a holding pattern. As if the plane you’re on is set to land, you can see the runway beneath you, but due to inclement weather, you’re circling and circling until clearance is given ‘to land’.

This moment called for surrender. Divine guidance. It required me to go through it, not around it, above it, or below it. Through. 

After all, as they say…in order to grow through it you have to go through it. 

So through it we went. So much so that my period came early, the pesky blister that flares up on my palm in times of stress showed up precisely on time, and a dignified chin pimple bloomed as if it were here to ‘seal the deal.’ 

The body, I tell you, is one intelligent and witty and baffling machine. 

Nonetheless, while in the thick of said ‘holding pattern’, some of the fog started to clear.

I embraced the moment to ponder more clarity on my mission, my purpose, His purpose for me, and the responsibility I felt as a leader, an empowerer to women of all walks of life—especially those who have faced marginalization. 

So I sat with THE CALL. 

I realized somewhere along the way, after the release of many tears and ‘why’s’…that I was being given a greater lesson in conscious leadership. And what a GIFT that was. I was given a deeper, more pressing exploration of what it means to stand up for what I believe to be right, fair, and just. Even if that meant unfollows. How to stand for and choose love when hate is running rampant. Even if it meant loss of ‘friends’. Standing firm in what I will accept and not accept in my ‘tribe’. Even if it meant criticism and backlash from fellow believers. It required a drawing a line in the sand of sorts, where the line means zero tolerance.

And quite on time, the ‘signs’ started rolling in. 

A podcast on ‘conscious leadership’ revealed itself in my inbox.

A training for empowering female business owners poured out of me in a matter of minutes.

‘Thank you’s’ from old friends and new friends flooded in.

Encouragement was given from the people closest to me in my life.

More aligned opportunities presented themselves. 

Less aligned pathways were cleared.

The next level in my leadership and journey was solidified in my heart and knowing and being. My standards were raised. My consciousness had been shifted even further.

I could breathe a bit deeper, a bit stronger. I could exhale. 

You see, your business is an amazing vehicle for your own personal growth and expansion and as you go along, you will discover areas of stickiness, resistance and unresolved patterns. 

Be willing to go through it in order to grow and expand.

What I’m crystal clear on is the fact that you and I….we’ve never fit into a box. Although many times we may have tried. #human

If you’re in the habit of letting other people’s opinions guide your decisions or determine your course, you’re not on course (you’re checking a box, an ill-fitting one, no less).

If you’re in the habit of ‘staying quiet’…you’re not on course. 

If you’re in the habit of pleasing others over honoring your bigger mission on this planet…you’re not on course.

If you crave validation or acceptance from others over yourself…you’re not on course.  

No matter what boxes, labels, or opinions threaten to drown out your dreams—your inner voice and the higher calling on your life is the only one that matters. This is where your truth lies. This is where your course will fully present itself.

Keep searching for that voice, keep stumbling towards that voice. When you find it, honor it deeply, no matter what, no matter who.

Choose your lane and do whatever it takes to stay in that lane and stay rooted in your mission.

Be willing to be IN IT.

Be willing to find the divine gift hidden amongst every obstacle, challenge, learning curve, ‘NO’ and ‘she said WHAT!?’…and you’ll ‘win’ every single time.