The 12 Things I've Done To Find Real Freedom This Year

Today is a day that one might particularly ponder freedom. Some might celebrate the nation’s birthday barbecuing and fire-working with family and friends, others might parade red, white and blue…and many may reflect on the concept at large, memorializing how their American experience has not been so free after all. 

From my perspective, this year, the holiday has provoked more of an introspective meaning. 

First and foremost, the freedom to live my life exactly as I’m called to live it, a privilege not shared across humanity. 

Yet despite this reality, I haven’t always felt free.

This morning on the yoga mat, I had a revelation. 

For the first time in my lifetime, I feel FREE.

Suddenly, a flashback starting playing out over the past year, a year where I grew more free, more fit, more happy…than I have ever been. 

Free from disempowering thoughts (‘What makes you so special - you don’t know how to do this’, ‘If you’re super successful, you’ll lose people,’ ‘Can you really even do this,’ ‘You’re not experienced/confident/powerful/clear/sure enough’ etc.,)

Free from the scale

Free from limiting money stories (‘Your credit has to be perfect,’ ‘You should have zero debt,’ ‘You should only spend what you have,’ ‘Who are you to invest in x/y/z’, etc.,)

Free from negative self-talk

Free from looking in the mirror in disgust

Free from worrying about the future (‘What if I can’t get pregnant when I want to,’ ‘What if I waited too long to start a business,’… x/y/z)

Free from over-exercising

Free from wondering if it’s all going to ‘work’

Free from eating until feeling sick 

Free from chronic back pain and sore muscles/joints

Free from interrupted sleep


As I finagled one pose to the other, the flashback continued, as fluid as the YouTube vinyasa I was working on. 

I realized all of the menial changes I had made since around this time last year, that had paid huge, unexpecting dividends between then and now. 

Kind of like the way we always short change or second guess our abilities or accomplishments, you know? Is this a female or a human thing?

Anyway, it hit me. Wow…these things that had taken place, that naturally evolved, weren’t exactly natural, as much as they were SUPER natural, it was a magical combination of law of attraction type stuff meets alignment to soul, purpose, God, flow…

Saying yes to life and life saying yes to me, so to speak. 

Because I’m a sucker for lists and you might be too, and I realize we’re all on our own beautiful, imperfect journey, one that is influenced and made better by sharing, here are the 12 things I’ve valued/dialed in/optimized in the past year that have had a 10x impact on my life and business. 

Warning: some may be uncomfortable to read. My best advice? Indulge with curiosity, and take what resonates with you and discard the rest! Oh, and for love of lady liberty, love and CHOOSE yourself. <3 

>The 12 Things I’ve Done To Find Real FREEDOM This Year<

Disclaimer: My philosophy for living is—your journey is YOUR journey. The things that work for me won’t necessarily work for you and vice versa. Empower yourself to research and learn what is available for you in ALL categories of life and try different approaches on until you find your sweet spots. I do this constantly. Furthermore, the things outlined here might be seasonal, others might become longterm. Always listen to the intelligence of what your body is telling you and asking you for, and follow that crucial guidance.

  1. Traded in 60 minute workouts for 30 minute workouts. For as long as I can remember, I was fond of the hour-long Cross-Fit, SoulCyle, Barry’s Bootcamp-style, you name it - workout classes…and my body was constantly tight, sore…and I wasn’t getting ‘long and lean’ as I had hoped (more to come on that bit in #4). This year, I transitioned to shorter at-home workouts much of the time, mostly due to time constraints, mixing it up with strength training, pilates, barre and HIIT throughout the week. Important distinction: I may only do a 30-minute sweat sesh daily but I do them most days of the week, in case you’re wondering or could care less! I’m blown away that I feel even stronger on the rare days I do take the hour-long classes compared to when I was working out ‘harder’ and ‘longer’. Plus, ultimate bonus points…for the first time, I like the way my body looks and don’t feel embarrassed or insecure walking around the beach or pool! The (my) truth of the matter: the quality of your workout matters more than the quantity of your workout.

  2. Ditched the sleep tracker for CBD and a Salt Lamp. For close to a year I was OBSESSED with my sleep/steps tracker. If you’re a fan, do you, honey! My truth is this: after studying the Global Truth About Cancer series, I decided that, I didn’t need to subject my body to any more EMF Radiation that was within my control, who really knows, but I also was tired of obsessively tracking myself in that way. In ‘let go and let flow’ fashion, I added a high-quality CBD supplement to the mix along with a soothing himalayan salt lamp (30 bucks) that creates ultimate bed-time serenity…and voila…sleep has never been more sound.

  3. The daily non-negotiable. Everyday starts with stretch or yoga. No matter if I have 10 minutes in the morning or 30, my day begins on the mat. For so long I wished I was the person who could crush the morning with a workout, but my body did not rejoice at this. Getting into a gentle flow, releasing tense muscles after 8 hours in bed (side sleepers feel me), and taking some time to breathe deeply and consciously for a few minutes is the best way to power on my day and set myself up for success. Woosaaa! As a bonus…I can’t recall the last time I was injured during other exercise (knock on wood)—and I attribute this to the yoga (or sudden good luck)!

  4. Fasting & fats changed everything. Just a few years ago I would (reluctantly) get out of bed and see how fast I could prepare and down a smoothie before scurrying off a la mad-dash commute. I slowly started noticing my body wasn’t naturally hungry first thing in the morning, despite the many experts that declare meal-upon-rising as a must for metabolism (do your own research). Last summer I naturally transitioned to intermittent fasting and haven’t looked back. A typical day means I’ll have my first meal (or bulletproof coffee with collagen protein) around 10 or 11AM and dinner will be finished by 8PM. Depending on my cycle/time of the month situation, this may vary and I may eat earlier - it’s all just a tuning in to the body and what it needs in that moment - I preach this only because I was so long disassociated from my body - (I repeat: what the BODY needs, not that adventurous mind of yours who advocates for cookies at 9AM). I also started introducing more healthy fats (bulletproof coffee, avocado with lunch, nuts/seeds for snacks, EVOO and fish for dinner) into my lifestyle and I’ve been able to say RIP to the ol’ hangry me. As a self-proclaimed always eating-chocoholic-foodie, never would I have guessed one can actually kick cravings and hunger pangs for good…this is how your blood sugar thanks you when stabilized…brilliant!

  5. Failed Veganism…but Meatless Mondays! Simply put, less meat and more veggies have been my kryptonite…and although, for environmental and ethical reasons I would love to forego animal meat forever, I’m not there yet (might not ever be and I’m ok with it…much love to my devout vegan friends)! My truth is this: my body feels good with some high-quality, grass-fed beef every now and again…and, organic, pastured omega-3 eggs are a present morning staple. That said, fresh, local, organic veggies…6-10 servings daily or more, are my ‘drug’ of choice! This is also what keeps me ‘regular’ and as a Health Coach side note, pay attention to your poop! Do you know what ‘regular’ is for you? Digestive issues are the primary culprit of systemic dysfunction for many people - it is crucial to get this part down for yourself. For example, here comes the TMI…if i’m not pooping 2, sometimes 3 times per day, I know it’s only a matter of time until I feel like actual poo, or, sub-optimal. Everything starts and ends (literally) with digestion, and digestion is directly linked to the quality (or lack thereof) of foods you’re eating, and then what your body is able to do with the food (absorption and assimilation).

  6. Less massage, more holistic chiropractic. For the record, I believe both are incredibly valuable. I’m a longtime devotee of monthly massage treatments, I love nothing more than a good rub down. Equally, I’m a longtime opponent of chiropractic care (weird beliefs engrained in upbringing)…which all changed this year. Yogis, oh wise ones, believe that the health of one’s spine equals the longevity of one’s life. Amen! For the past 9 years I’ve lived with chronic back pain following a sports injury and surgical intervention. I had resigned to the fact that I would never be pain-free again and possibly have trouble carrying a pregnancy, running around with grandchildren one day…and this is now all possible after just several gentle treatments with a holistic chiropractic doctor. I now can sleep without waking up at night in discomfort, I can stand from sitting without having to slowly manipulate my back straight (it’s fairly entertaining to watch), I can go deeper in squats, roll around with the dog…I feel fluid again and this release and EXPANSION has poured over into all other aspects of my life.

  7. Closer with my God. This is a touchy one, after years questioning my worthiness as a Christian, the negative beliefs I harbored towards Christianity after growing up in a suppressed church environment, etc., all the while missing my closeness to Him. Not only has this relationship, the most important one of all, been restored, but a Pastor came into my life that only could have been the work and grace of God. For years I dreamt of a relationship where it felt safe, supportive and favored, and now, I have a leader who encourages, supports and celebrates—who loves, unites and embodies all that evangelism should be. Thank you, Jesus.

  8. Chose LOVE. Relationships aren’t easy, they require attention, amongst so many other organic, non-GMO ingredients to properly nourish and flourish. This year, I chose love, no matter what, on the good days, on the bad days and the days in between. The reality is, we all get to decide, in every moment, who we want to be. In a moment of taking too long in the shower or not being on time (yes, I’m the more ‘prompt’ one in the relationship, surprise), I can choose annoyance, OR, acceptance. In the past I would have been annoyed, probably huffed and puffed and held an attitude like the best of them…maybe until dessert came. This prolonged my own suffering. What was the point? To let my ego ‘take control’…to make a point? For as long as I can remember, the grandiose, albeit out-of-reach vision for my future relationship has been an embodiment of 1 Corinthians 13:4, 7-8 which says: ‘Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves. Love never fails.’ We all have the opportunity to create and experience kind and patient love - it’s not set aside for the ‘lucky ones’ or the divine. This is available to you when you’re willing to let love lead - true, accepting, all-encompassing kind of love that can set your soul on fire.

  9. Worry less, trust more. ‘Will we get married too late’, ‘Will we have trouble getting pregnant’, ‘Will I be an old mom’, ‘Will I ever pay this debt off’, ’Will I have to go back working for someone else’, ‘Will this ever work’, — this is what used to keep me up at night. Future worries were a frequent override to an inner knowing of just be…just trust in the journey…HIS plan. One day, I made the conscious decision to trust more (sounds simple and it was, but not without daily, continuous effort). A mix of prayer, meditation and journaling supported this even further. Now, I am UNAVAILABLE for worry, and when my mind wants to go back to the negative thought loop, we focus on the present moment and all that is WORKING.

  10. Goodbye to the BUSY. My first year in business, I was so busy doing things that didn’t MOVE THE NEEDLE. So busy doing things that didn’t generate actual cash. So busy doing things that didn’t serve others. I was caught in the common egoic illusion of ‘busy’ and wondered why I wasn’t making money. The illusion covered the obvious. What we do now are needle-movers ONLY. Power moves. The actual things that grow the business. The things that MATTER. That serve. That impact. The things that most people resist doing, yes, because they’re scary and uncomfortable at first, but isn’t that why we said yes to this life?! To make a bigger impact, to experience real wealth, joy and freedom? Check where you’re filling your time with ‘busy’ work over actual purpose work. How much time do you spend in CONSUMPTION mode (doing free/paid courses, trainings, webinars) vs. ACTION mode?

  11. More intention, less distraction. Contrary to my past life of racing through the day completely missing the beauty around me, we now take actual time to see, feel and…just be. Walking around outside and getting lost in the vastness of the sky, the sound of the birds (while NOT listening to music or a podcast). Writing a blog completely in flow. Creating a program or course where time is lost because it’s just you, the thing, the moment - unfolding harmoniously without distraction (because you’ve intentionally removed all possibilities of them occurring). Setting an intention for every moment of your day: the person you want to be on your Facebook Live, the energy you want to bring to the lunch with your friend, the woman you’ll show up as to the meeting. This is a HIGH VIBE way of being - and you see, it all resides in a simple choice? A choosing of the highest version of you? This is what raises your vibration, this is what makes you magnetic and in turn, a magnet to opportunities. It is rooted in the present moment of choosing, deciding, being…the highest version of yourself.

  12. Jumped before I was ready. The biggest leaps I’ve made have come on the heels of 5-figure investments working with high-level mentors who are 10 steps ahead of where I want to be. As one might wonder, 5-figure investments also meant 5-figure debt, which my former uber ‘responsible’ money story self would have been closed off to completely. But to make money, you must spend some money, and you must be willing to do the work to make the investment worth it. This comes with great responsibility and ownership (are you this person or the person who will blame your lack of results on the coach or mentor)? Plus, many coaches and online marketers don’t consider their own ‘start-up’ costs - yes, you have them even if you don’t have a traditional brick and mortar store. Investing in mentorship is an expected forever cost - from start-up to scale and beyond. You can bet that the people you’re watching with successful online businesses have 1, if not multiple mentors or advisors at all times. This is being savvy, this is taking control of your own destiny, this is fast-tracking your success. You have to be willing to take the leap or the terrain will never change.

You might notice or wonder why there’s no mention of the ‘perfect strategy’ or exact thing I did to grow the business…

Because this is the stuff, the work, the foundation, that ignited the purpose, that ignited that strategy. 

In the beginning I chased the busy stuff, the strategy, the how-to, and all along the launchpad was in my own alignment, my own acknowledgment of the parts that were out of whack and needing fixing before I could get any live stream or workshop or course or funnel to STICK. 

This isn’t to say I was wrong or bad, or that you are wrong or bad. 

It’s our hard-wiring.

I see so many women chasing the hot new diet fad or the latest swipe right app or marketing plan BEFORE THE FOUNDATIONAL STUFF IS PROPERLY DIALED IN.  

This used to be me. After all, we’re just trying to find our way, to survive, and the quickest promise of doing that will get us, every time. #human 

This is conditioning and usual, but it’s not normal. 

But if you recognize that you’re a bit different, a unicorn, a rebel, a free-thinker, an extraordinary being living in an ordinary world…this next bit is for you.

This is why I created 6 Figure Wellpreneur and why, as a High Performance Business Coach, I help my clients to find ALIGNMENT, FLOW AND EASE first. 

This stuff has to come first. Strategy comes second. 

But most ‘experts’ are teaching all the strategies…OR all the ‘woo woo’ soul stuff. 

And this leaves you feeling wanting for more, or even more overwhelmed at what you should do, and still not experiencing the life and business you know you’re meant to create! 

The work, the path, the FREEDOM is in combination of the two. A beautiful, unrelenting harmony of a soul on fire with effective and aligned strategies that reflect that fact that your business is just an extension of YOU BEING YOU. 

This is what makes you unstoppable. This is what gets you the results. 

If you’re interested in uncovering your real purpose work. If you’re ready to unlock the door to showing up powerfully and consistently, if you’re ready to start serving the people you were born to serve, and do so with the perfect marketing plan that is simply an extension of YOU…

…then you and I should have a conversation.