You Are The Designer of Your Dream Life & Business. Here’s Why.

This morning as I was riding the train into the city, I caught the reflection of myself in the window and was met by my own smile and contentment (even sans coffee…mind-blowing, I know). 🤪

Here I was, perfectly situated on the 5 (seat and all, again - mind-blowing)- feeling the energy and pulse of the city with such appreciation, curiosity and absolute lit up-ness.

A stark contrast from the exhaustion and defeatedness the ride used to symbolize.

Wow...this is actually my life…I pondered.

A life of…

-Clear understanding that anything that I desire is available to me now

-Magnetizing the coolest and dreamiest opportunities and people into my life

-Soulmate clients around the world (still pinching myself

-Clarity on the EXACT things I need to do daily to be successful (with so much time left for play)

-Incredible flow…where the days unfold exactly as intended and when they don’t, we simply keep on a flowing and enjoying…

-Speaking and asking for the truth in all relationships

-Calls booked on the calendar with heart-centered, remarkable, out-to-change the-world visionary women

-Women saying/asking ‘This was the most transformational conversation I’ve had in my life. I’m committed. How do I pay you?’

-The ability to declare a bold vision being DONE and it presenting itself in a matter of weeks or months

-Collecting a former month salary in 1 simple client transaction

-Unapologetic stance in my power and showing up as fully ME (not someone else or who someone else said I needed to be)

-Impenetrable calm - that no one or thing can disrupt…

-Inner peace and trust and surrender to life and biz unfolding and happening for my greatest good, a oneness with the journey

-Achieving and maintaining a level of fitness and wellness in mind, body spirit that improves with time instead of declining

-1:1 access to the best minds and teachers in the field (and world)

-Acceptance of incredible, legacy kind of success

-Window shopping our dream apartment and knowing it’s well on its way

-An inner knowing that the gift of giving must be balanced with handsome receipt

Here’s the thing - none of this was my reality even just 2 years ago. 🙅🏼‍♀️

For years I aimed to get to the place...a place of freedom - in every sense of the word, alignment, dialed-in-ness, living in my purpose, mission-driven unapologetic bad-assery, high-vibe, lit the F up-ness, living and experiencing all that I knew was possible…

So what I started to do in January of 2019, was create the framework of a lit up, soul on fire womanpreneur. The exact mindset, beliefs, energy and inspired action that got me these exact results, so you can get them too.

From that mission, 6-Figure Womanpreneur was born. 💕

But here’s the catch: instead of spending years learning these powerful strategies and concepts or investing tens of thousands like I did, I packaged it so you can reach 6FW status in 8 weeks - for a fraction of the investment.

The women who will invest in their businesses with this experience will be:




-Powerful beyond measure (they often don’t realize it in the beginning)

-Carrying a HUGE, world-changing mission and vision on their heart that they can no longer postpone getting out in the world (even if they feel totally unclear and stuck at the moment)

Is this you?

And know this: If you’ve read this far, you’re one of ‘us’.


Don’t waste another day or dollar on anything that isn’t getting you closer to the dream. 🙅🏼‍♀️❌

Imagine one year from now looking back on today and noticing how far you’ve come. Really seeing it. Feeling it. Living it.

All because you said yes - (even though it scared the living daylights out of you) - but you said yes in faith, because you realize you can’t not spend another day holding back on what you know you’re here to do.