How Toxic Is your Lifestyle?

In modern day living, toxins are everywhere—from the food we eat and the water we drink, to the products we love and use everyday. Some common toxins you may recognize include: pesticides, GMO's, artificial food colorings or dyes, and BPA. Unfortunately, these are just a few of many. The nasty truth is, we can't see or smell or feel many of the toxins we interact with and rarely notice their effects until years of exposure—when it's too late. Toxin exposure has been linked to a host of chronic health issues from cancer to reproductive issues, to organ failure and autoimmune disease.  More short-term effects can include weight problems, low energy levels, mood swings and a host of health challenges.

The great news is: through our lifestyles, we can control our exposure to many harmful toxins! When you reduce your exposure, your body will feel, look and function better as you take away the burden on your liver and other organs which are in a constant state of detoxification.

Take the quiz now and learn your 'toxic truth'—and earn a free wellness session devoted to beau-toxifying your life!

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