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Ignite Your Mission & Fill Your Practice With Soulmate Clients

(Without ever feeling spammy or sales(y) again)

A 6-month accelerator program for purpose-driven coaches, creatives & brands.

You bought the domain on Go Daddy…

You have a notebook filled with things you want to do…

You’re doing all the networking and elevator pitching…

 And still can’t seem to get enough clients, and the ones you have aren’t ideal or ‘your people’. Your marketing isn’t working the way you want it to which is causing your confidence to go down the toilet. You’re working way too hard to get such little results. The self-doubt is becoming way too much to take and you’re exhausted from having all the amazing ideas without the action.

I remember feeling stuck in this place and hated every second of it.

It was embarrassing, frustrating and overwhelming. Not to mention sleepless, as I’d wake up most nights at 3:55AM wondering if I’d have to go back working for someone else again. What would my family and friends think about me then?

If this sounds like you, Womanpreneur On Fire University was created especially for you.



If you’re ready to:

-Go from silent (or silenced) to seen and attract soulmate, high-paying clients online

-Talk about what you do with clarity and conviction without worrying what others will think

-Attract clients consistently online anywhere in the world

-Build your tribe of ideal clients who love what you stand for and eat up your content

-Master the sales process with love so you can get real traction online and finally hear yes! more often


Womanpreneur On Fire University was designed to help you radically transform your business. 

The thing about this, is radical transformation (going from >$1K per month in your business to a consistent $5K or $10K), requires radical change.

Up until now maybe you haven’t been able to get out of your own way to get to the next level.

It could be there’s not enough structure for your nature (who you are as a human being).

Maybe it’s that you’ve given up too early.

Maybe there’s a lack of faith in your abilities and you question yourself when in isolation. 

None of this is your fault lovely.


But if you want to change how you’re showing up, you have to change your beliefs and self-image.

Otherwise, you’ll show up for 3 weeks and then fall off…you’ll ask for the big client and when they show up, take 6 days to get back to them…or you’ll be given a divine opportunity to upgrade your business and tell yourself the story of why now is not the right time or you can’t afford it. 

What’s under the surface is what creates your results. 

Womanpreneur On Fire University is your mission-igniting, client-attracting inferno with the structure, strategy and accountability you need to finally make your vision a reality.

No more ‘hoping’ it will one day happen but commanding it will (because the Universe is looking for your certainty with specific authority).

Example: “I hope I get 2 clients this month” vs. “I am so happy and grateful now that ideal clients come to me in increasing quantities consistently on a continuous basis!”

Womanpreneur On Fire University is your promise to something bigger than you’ve ever imagined.


womanpreneur on fire-2.png

Here’s how it works. 

What we do (the end result): Get you to attracting and closing ideal clients consistently and confidently, on a monthly basis.

How we do it (the recipes): The 5-Part Client Creation Framework (clarity: dialing in your soul-led mission + message and the unique gifts, voice and perspective that only you have, attract: raising your vibration through leader energy / Law of Attraction to magnetize the right prospects and clients who become super fans, nurture: scaling intimacy to build and inspire powerful relationships and connection in your community that grows and gains influence daily, offer: defining your client journey and process for turning leads into raving clients and clients into repeat buyers, and elevate: simplifying, systems and sales automation so you can serve and sell daily with integrity and optimize your zone of genius), supplemented by: 

The 8 Momentum Modules

The additional accelerators that will fast track your impact and income:


Building Your Strong Foundation

Rock-solid success rituals and millionaire mindset practices to lay the foundation of a high-vibe womanpreneur (plus super ninja sales scripts to make a quick and loving sale in your first week)!


The ABC’s: Alignment, Beliefs & Courage

Becoming a self-assured, confident entrepreneur, the belief ‘tables’ you must have in place to skyrocket your results and the unique challenge guaranteed to 30x your courage and grit.



Money Manifestation & Power Moves

The 6-step money manifestation pyramid to reach your big money goal and defining the 3-5 things that matter most for your unique business growth.


Your Womanpreneur Wellness Strategy

Surviving to thriving as an entrepreneur, the factors that determine your ultimate state of ‘wellness’ and the non-negotiables to a vibrant womanpreneur life.


The Art of Influence & Tribe Building


Getting ‘naked’ with your audience, the 5-step TRIBE Framework to nurture and grow your audience daily and fearless messaging to build your soul audience by being fully, authentically you.


Video School: Videos That Connect, Compel & Convert

Facebook Live influencer training to build your influence in 30 days or less.


Award-Winning Content, Communication & Campaigns

Using marketing as a divine tool, the 4 must-have marketing campaigns to get online sales and the content strategies and formulas to get more clicks and engagement.


Supercharge Your Results

The 90-day M.A.P and 10X formula to win EVEN BIGGER, including—creating and making your first 10x offer!

Plus, the exact structure and support you need to succeed:



Your customized blueprint, tailored to your needs

A customized 90-minute strategic planning session where you get your 6-month, 5-Part Client Creation Framework with your very own implementation schedule.


Weekly live support for your burning questions, troubleshooting and massive clarity

Get the personalized support you need from Stephanie to make better decisions and get the answers to your questions


Weekly virtual office hours of uninterrupted time for implementation 

2-hour implementation blocks to get more done, share and get feedback on your work and progress


Monthly laser-coaching with Stephanie for deep learning, mindset shifts, best practices and transformation

Powerful 1:1 30-minute accelerator calls each month with Stephanie as your cheerleader and challenger to give you unparalleled breakthroughs, confidence and nurture you to even bigger results

you deserve financial.png


As women, we feel safe and independent when financially secure. When this occurs, our voices are heard and the world needs to hear from women a lot right now. The truth is, women will step up more when they make their own money.

This is the mission of Womanpreneur On Fire University. 

Our unique approach helps you get there:


Mindset-First Method to effectively remove your confusion, self-doubt and overwhelm. This is where you have the clarity and are able to go from uncertain to deliberate in your action which builds confidence and self-image.


Do-This-Not-That Coaching supports you with an exact plan of action, including what to do and what not to do so you can focus on what matters (and eliminate the rest). This is also where we’re creating structure that works for you and your nature (not what works for your neighbor)— because you’re a unique being and this must be honored in order to set you up for success.


Stay-On-Course Accountability because the majority of us aren’t wired to do what we say we will do! Say goodbye to procrastination and shiny object syndrome.


Implementation Container (office hours) because you don’t get results from things you don’t finish. This is what helps you to go from scattered to focused which ultimately means more money and more clients.

you deserve financial-2.png

In this moment there’s a very real need for you to continue to grow your business and your income.

What is certain is that time passes, and that in 6 months, you will find yourself in a future situation, one that is a result of the decisions you make today. As time passes, the difference between accelerating and struggling gets greater. The reality is that, however far apart you are from accelerating right now, you’re actually as close as you’re ever going to be.

A decision is needed now

Here’s how we get started today.

Reaching accelerating in your business is a consequence of decisiveness and resourcefulness. Conversely, when no decision is made, or a bad decision is made, people drift and over time, things get worse. With that in mind, how smart is it to wait? 

Let’s start today.

Choose from 1 of the 3 tuition options:

 Option 1)    $5,000 pay-in-full today (save up to $328)

Option 2)    $2,600 paid now + $2,600 paid in 30 days

Option 3)    $888/month for 6 months, first payment due today



Complete all the modules, implement your blueprint, attend all the calls and office hours and, if at the end of 6 months you’ve gotten no results, we’ll give you your money back in full. That’s how confident we are in this program.

See you in the program!

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Your Tuition Options:


Q: I tend to think that results like this are ONLY happening for women who are a lot further along than I am. As a ‘beginner’ in business, is this program right for me?

A: Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been here a while, you may still want the same thing: more consistent clients and revenue. This program is suitable no matter where you are in your journey if you’re looking to create a bigger impact.

Q: How long will I have access to the course content?

A: Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need, including all future program updates, trainings and enhancements.


Q: This sounds like exactly what I need, but I’m scared to make the investment. What if it doesn’t work? Are results guaranteed?

A: Others have felt the same way. Here’s what we’ve found to be true. In observation, most programs are teaching things they’re not doing and there is a lack of weekly, 360-degree high-level support, strategy and accountability. In our experience, all are needed as part of the success pathway. Also, many programs are positioned around selling vs. serving. This program is designed to get you results quickly, and the approach is transformational—and grounded in warmth and support.

Keep in mind the specific results are not guaranteed, however: if you show up coachable, resourceful and committed to your own success, follow the trainings and get help when you need it…massive breakthrough, growth, and quantum shifts in your life and business are inevitable.

Q: How much time will I have to commit to the program each week?

A: We suggest committing 3 hours weekly at minimum. For example, 1 hour to study the momentum modules, 1 hour for Q&A calls, and 2 hours for implementation. This will vary from person to person and where you are in the program.

Keep in mind, each weekly momentum module is designed to be learned, absorbed and implemented - intelligent action is what creates results. Inside the course you will learn tips and tricks to stay on track and not get left behind.


Q: What makes this program unique and different from others?

A: There is simply no other program and experience with transformational support like it. The 8 Momentum Modules and 5-Part Client Creation Framework are proven methods to grow and monetize your brand and business—and create success on your own terms (without ever doing the stuff that feels soul-crushing or spammy).

Every single method inside the course are the exact methods I've used to attract soulmate clients, command high-ticket fees and become magnetic to opportunities beyond my wildest imagination.

Plus, unlike other coaches and 'experts', I (literally) practice what I preach and don’t just teach you about mindset OR strategy - because the idea that you only need 1 in order to build a successful business is terrible advice. Instead, I teach game-changing mindset, energy (who you're being) with intelligent action.

Additionally, unlike other programs, I'm with you every step of the way. From live calls to office hours, my mission is to ensure you feel wildly supported. Struggling with mindset? Looking for feedback or help with your copy? An old habit resurfacing? We'll address it head on, together. High-level coaching at your fingertips, for a fraction of the cost.

Q: I really want to do this, but I just can’t afford it right now. Can I join later?

A: I’m curious, what results do you need to get from working together to make saying YES completely worth it for you? Perhaps right now you can’t remember the last time you signed a client. What if we started working together and you had just 1 or 2 brand new clients say yes to working with you? I realize right now you might just be thinking about what you might lose and you might lose it but what about all the things you could win if you went in with a whole different mindset?

Q: That makes sense. But if I really don’t have access to the money…how do I get it to be able to do this?

A: I would be happy to help you brainstorm a few ways you might be able to come up with the investment. These are all the ways clients have invested in my programs before, they may not all be comfortable for you, but here they are: personal credit card, business credit card, ask for an increase on a credit card, 401K, stocks, sell something you own, sell services or products, private loan, business loan, loan to/from family member or friend, tax refund, inheritance, anyone who owes you money, get a part-time job, get freelance work on sites like Upwork, drive for Uber.

Q: Can I let you know after I talk to my partner / spouse?

A: Yes, and I can tell you that is the exact reason my female clients do this (aside from changing the world) - is for their partner or spouse, because they want to be a better partner, because what they’re currently doing isn’t working. And I can honestly tell you, I’ve never had a husband or wife who wasn’t happy by having more money, more freedom and you standing in your full power and joy :)

I’m really excited you’re going to go and speak to your partner / spouse and I often share with my clients some really cool stuff about relationship dynamics when you’re presenting something to your spouse. It’s been so helpful for others and it could be helpful if I share it with you too. Send me a private message here so I can help you confidently frame your conversation (it’s a lot of fun).

Q: I’ve been burned by a lot of programs in the past…how do I know it won’t happen again?

A: I totally get it. And I say this with complete love and respect, and listen, maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re not mature enough as a business owner right now to make investments for yourself, maybe you have to trust yourself more. But I’m curious…what kind of support did you have in those previous situations? What I can tell you is I show up BIG in my programs and I’m with you every step of the way, in fact, my clients often say they’ve never felt so supported. What if you had that kind of support, do you think the same thing might happen?

Q: Can I think about it?

A: Absolutely. I get that you are a person who likes to process and needs to think. I’d love to ask one final clarifying question. Usually, when somebody says they have to think about it it’s a sign they are unclear or have a couple of questions. Is there something I can clarify for you? If yes, go ahead and send me a private message here :) I want you to feel supported in making a decision regardless if yes or no, and you get to feel like no pressure from me but a really powerful space to make a decision.

Q: I’m ready to join, but I’ll need a payment plan – is that an option?

A: Yes, there are 3 payment options available to accommodate a variety of budgets (see above/below). You can get started for as little as $888 today!

The Investment (Powered by PayPal)

Your Tuition Options: