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Hey there!

I can help you stop 90% of what you’re currently doing.

But first, real talk. You’re a coach or expert with a track record of success. You love your work and you love your play—family and fun are big priorities in your life, even if you haven't been able to prioritize them in the past. Now is different.

A smart and ambitious person, things have often come pretty easy to you in life with the right amount of dedication and hard work. So it can’t be that hard to create clients and grow your business in a way that feels right for you, right?


All of the degrees, accolades, or professional expertise in the world couldn’t prepare you for building, marketing, and selling for your online business.

And in a down economy, we need to be two things: effective and efficient. It's not the time to gamble or guess. It's time to tap into massive opportunity—because way more people need your specialized help right now.

The reality is, you need clients. But not just any clients. The ones who don’t need any convincing and happily pay your $5K, $15K and $50K+ fees. Who require less of your time and create bigger results. Who don’t set off fire alarms while you’re on vacation. Who inspire you as much as you inspire them.

Without the right clientele, you will tragically under earn, overwork, and secretly resent your business. Not what you envisioned when you took that blind leap into entrepreneurship those months or years ago, was it?

I can help.

I just had an amazing sales call,

I cannot wait for the next one! I was able to help my client step into her feminine energy and really visualize it.

Rachael Weaver

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It’s been over and beyond what I thought it would be

Before we started working together I was seeing clients and I was making money, paying the bills. But I didn't realize just how small I was allowing myself to play until I started working with you. It’s been over and beyond what I thought it would be—over and beyond.

Anne H.

Relationship Coach

And I’m guessing that, like me in the past, you want a different kind of mentor

Someone successful, and also generous, kind, inclusive—perhaps a feminine leader to show you how she did it, without trying to be the Alpha Female.

Most business coaching programs today don’t work because they're taught by marketers and not actual coaches. Many teach outdated or masculine methods that rub people the wrong way. Many lack the customized support that business owners need to be successful—cookie cutter, “kitchen sink” programs don’t cut it. And many coaches focus on what to do (strategy) or who to be (energy / embodiment / leadership)—very rarely combining the two for maximum depth and transformation.

We are different.

I teach my clients The Winning Formula: an elegant service vs. selling methodology that is the overarching strategy to multiple six-figures and beyond, a tactical 4-step high-level client creation process uniquely tailored to your business, and your very own intimate support network and ‘Board of Directors’ who champion your success weekly—for as long as you need it.

This is why we are the go-to program for coaches and other experts who are done being a best kept secret and ready to watch their impact (and bank account) grow!

Welcome, I'm so glad you're here. Watch some of our success stories and see how some of our client's lives and business have been transformed by our high-value client creation method.

Be sure to book a coveted 20-minute chat with my team if you're ready to discover your client creation blindspots and get the boost you need to help your business and life soar.

Welcome to

With love,


Yesterday, I signed my 4th coaching client! Pilot program full!

Shelly West

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Yesterday, I signed my 4th coaching client! Pilot program full!

Shelly West

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I enrolled 2 new students today. First 2 in 1 day ever!

Sara Ceo

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Within the first month working with Stephanie, she helped me define my signature methodology and position to scale.

By the third month, I had doubled my income. Stephanie is different from other business coaches because she has such a targeted approach and takes the time to really personalize things for your unique business so you get the best possible results.

Brooke S.

ADHD & Executive Function Coach, Founder, Coaching With Brooke

In the past 90 days I had my three biggest consecutive earning months ever

AND manifested my dream poodle! I did it. We can all do it. And Mondays are so much more relaxed and calm because I'm honoring my schedule boundaries and how freeing that has been… it all feels incredible. All things that I wouldn't have believed to be possible even just six months ago.

Lisa M.

Healthy Aging Expert & Yoga Teacher

I was impressed by her insightful, nuanced and detailed feedback

I hired Stephanie to consult on our startup coaching platform. I was impressed by her insightful, nuanced and detailed feedback—both on coaching and marketing. She has clear mastery of coaching and entrepreneurship and is a great partner for growing your small business.

David B.

Former CEO, Strideself

Stephanie is a game-changer!

Can I just be honest? I love coaching and helping women IN my business but I hate working ON my business, even though I know that it’s important. Stephanie helps me to shift my mindset by igniting introspection through powerful questions, ultimately simplifying processes and decisions I over complicated. She is a game-changer!

She is magnetic, energetic and empowering to say the least. She is passionate about her clients and the work they cocreate. She shows up ready to help, clarify, and offer strategy to enhance business processes. Her perspective and thought-provoking content promotes insights and she has an amazing way of helping her clients get unstuck and clear.

Rose-Anne U.

Corporate Consultant

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