Hey gorgeous,

What I do is what I believe. What I believe is we can all create epic, iconic lives and businesses without sacrificing our health, time, and happiness, in fact—(quite the contrary!)

I believe that we all can and should be playing the biggest possible game.

I believe that I should be unapologetically me, and you should be unapologetically you.


You see, I’m a motivator, and love people and they tend to love me. I’ve got a track record of success in business. I’m also multi-passionate, with a background spanning professional sports, corporate beauty and hats from business management to PR to special events. I can geek out in all things health, personal growth and true crime…yet underneath that, I love people. I understand people. And these days, I’m a coach to people like you.

One of your strengths is that you’re intuitive, right? And that can have a dark side. Sometimes you can trust people too easily and sometimes you can be naive. But underneath that, trust yourself. And if you’ve read this and you trust yourself, you’ll know that it’s time to call me and you and I should have a conversation.


My clients and followers are busy women, just like you. Sometimes still with a corporate job, often solopreneurs, often with partners who don’t get it. And always jam-packed lives, yet 100% committed to their dream life. They believe in success, creating their dream life and business and having it all.

But they want these things without sacrificing health, time and happiness.

What do you need, right now, in this exact moment?

What if you were to just decide you’ll wake up with more energy tomorrow, lit up by your life and step fully into the woman it takes to create the life and business of your dreams?

Truth be told, this is how I roll now…but it didn’t used to be.

It wasn't until recent years where I FINALLY put the kibosh on dieting, healed from emotional, stress eating, found freedom from food and lost 8 dress sizes as a result. I left corporate after burnout, manifested a beautiful relationship, and started an online business doing work that totally lights me up and have a life and business that are on my terms

Your mess creates your message.  

What I've learned throughout my path to healing and growth could not be summarized on one page, but rather 35+ as you'll find in my e-book

There were 6 things, that when stripped down, were the glaring saving graces of my mind, body and spirit (from mindset to purpose to movement to holistic beauty hacks).

The day I understood the power and necessity of mind, body, spirit working optimally, in tandem, is when everything changed in my life and business.

It’s now the cornerstone of our work together.

Want to explore what working together could look like?

I came to Stephanie feeling like life had become unmanageable.  After 12 weeks in her program, I've dropped 15 pounds, I feel so much healthier, energized and organized! My business has grown roots, my relationships feel more balanced, and my confidence is stronger than ever! This program has given me a baseline to build upon for the rest of my life! My experience with Stephanie well surpassed my expectations.


Despite years of therapy, I never felt I had the tools I needed to actually change my life. I knew Stephanie's program was the right way to go. Each week, seeing visible change, embracing successes and learning how to love myself has completely changed my life. Stephanie's glowing soul, positivity and commitment to her work have helped me in so many ways


a few random facts about me:

  • I work tirelessly to keep an ice cream and cookie addiction at bay.

  • I'm an East Coast girl born and raised with West Coast vibes (and cravings).

  • I used to be allergic to dogs, until becoming an Aunt to a fluffy golden. Miracles do happen.

  • I had spinal surgery when I was 25 which is the secret to my stellar posture (most of the time).

  • I am in 'stuff' recovery and a delightfully-turned minimalist.

  • You can take a girl out of the country but never the country out of the girl (love to my Amish childhood babysitters).

  • I can rap the lyrics from most hip hop songs from the 90's and early 2000's.

  • I am an excellent operator of stick-shift automobiles and, if parallel parking were an olympic sport, I'd be a gold medalist.

  • I'm a complete self-development nerd following a few years of zero growth (+ darkness). Give me all the books, podcasts and things!

  • The kitchen is my happy place, and my casseroles are pretty stellar.

  • I would sell all my stuff for a glass of red wine and conversation with Robin Sharma.