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Stephanie really changed my path. After 35 years in the corporate world, I took the leap and decided to pursue consulting in the same industry. However, I was really struggling with finding my purpose and passion for the industry. Working with Stephanie helped me come to the realization that perhaps what I had been doing for all those years was possibly not what I was passionate about pursuing now. It was like a weight was lifted and an inner light ignited. I have been so inspired about working in a new direction and I’m launching a new business far more meaningful to me. Stephanie is a bright, positive and supportive coach who supports the inner entrepreneur and the inner spirit. She asks the important questions and openly shares her experiences with you. I am so pleased I got to work with her and feel so much closer to greatness. She’s the bomb.

-Tami Brooks, Founder, RELovedNY

Hey, lovely! Are you…

Trying to blog, post in a gazillion places, write a newsletter, be in all the groups, do all the networking and your business still isn’t gaining any real momentum?

Stuck in an evil vortex of self-doubt, overwhelm, confusion and isolation while propped behind your laptop in your pj’s?

Hearing crickets online no matter when and where you show up?

Wondering if you’ll ever be able to build a successful business like you see others online doing?

You’re in the right place—and I’m here to help you put a big ol’ KIBOSH to all of these symptoms of a bigger problem (that’s not your fault), but needs handled so you can finally make your dream happen lovely. I got you.




A Business Coach & Online Strategist for purpose-driven, heart-centered, action-taking womenpreneurs.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been successful in the past. Maybe in the corporate world or in the life of adventure and novelty you lived (and still desire…perhaps on an even bigger scale).

You have a track record of doing things most people haven’t done.

Yet, on the inside, you know you’re meant for more. Much more.

If this feels like you, read on…