3 Steps To Owning Your Sh*t

3 Steps To Owning Your Sh*t

And Being A Creator Not Victim—Of Your Life.

The other day I was in an off-the-rails political discussion with someone closest to me (in my entire life). This person, despite the contrasting lens in which we see certain social issues and policies, you see, we share a congruent value system and moral code. We might not agree with one another, but we try and get each other, from left to right to everything in between.

In today’s world, battling over anything, no less political gripes, is certainly not abnormal. But it is for us. Because we talk. We communicate. We listen to one another. We give each other the space to share and then dissect, understand, resolve. I love this about us. I protect this about us.

The other day, I fell short. On my commitment, on my integrity, to show up for him in this way.