Stop Fighting The Flow—Do This Instead.

Stop Fighting The Flow—Do This Instead.

I haven’t written an actual blog in 9 weeks. To be clear, 9 weeks feels more like 90 when your soul requires it to actually and—fully, thrive.

What I’ve been doing instead?

Telling myself for 9 weeks that my full attention was ‘required’ on the new mentor who was calling my ever-loving a** to much more and the course I was hunkered down creating (my very first digital product to be exact). Not exactly false…as a matter of fact, very much true…I have the remnants of eye strain, creator’s high and broken nails to prove it…but I couldn’t help but wonder if I was doing somewhat of a ‘due diligence’ in managing my own (high) expectations OR was I really just turning off the abundance of time, energy and creativity that flows to and through me always?

Quite simply put: I could have made time to write and blog, as it’s a simple action of just letting the message flow abundantly through when it wants to come through (daily), but instead…we made up a story around time and energy scarcity. Que Sera, Sera.

Let me be really clear. It wasn’t always this way (things weren’t always flowing).

Silence Is The Demise Of Your Business

Silence Is The Demise Of Your Business

Have you ever sat down and felt this urge to create, write or say something ‘controversial’? To push the envelope, to release the tiger from the cage, to reveal more truer parts of your story?

An insight or lesson that a deep-seeded pain or trauma made possible, a stance on a taboo subject, a new direction in business that could threaten it’s livelihood without societal or community ‘approval.’

You hear the calling—it’s been calling for a while. You’ve heard it in the wee hours of the morning when it’s just you and your thoughts…to the restless, ongoing imagination at night.

Yet, you have no grasp on what to say, how to say it, or where to possibly begin. So you try and tame her. Silence her. Force her back in her tiny, locked box, making every attempt to lose the key entirely.

The thing is…she is a part of you, not going anywhere.

F*ck Normal: Being Different In A World Of Sameness

F*ck Normal: Being Different In A World Of Sameness

If you’re reading this, you must feel different.

You must live, choose, act and do different.

You’ve felt this difference for a long time but managed to tame it down in order to fit and blend in with the others.

You went along with the ‘typical’ and ‘usual’ and ‘probables’ … all the while fighting the deep longing to simply do what you wanted. Create what you wanted. Express exactly what your soul ached to be expressed.

Travel the world. Help millions. Create like the artist you are. Serve like the servant you are. Love like the lover you are.

And these very things required your natural, God-given state of EXCELLENCE. Focusing, creating, living, performing with EXCELLENCE. The highest standard of being, which has always been you.

Because you’re different.

You’re not even normal.

And if you hear ‘NORMAL’ one more time…you’ll burst.

Say Yes To Your Soul (And Life Will Say Yes To You)

Say Yes To Your Soul (And Life Will Say Yes To You)

Today I was midway through writing a blog post…and hit DELETE.

From the moment I started, it felt forced. There was no ease or flow. But I carried on, trying to ‘call in’ the magic, and it just didn’t come.

The farther I got, the more out of integrity I felt. Plus, if I’m being totally honest, it wasn’t that great. So I gave an honest look and decided to let it go.

I then got up, walked around a bit, listened to a mentor’s audio, made some breakfast, played with the dog outside and did a 30 minute HIIT workout.

I then realized how far I had come.